How to Be an Ally

Information and resources on allyship, including tips for being an ally and more.

What is an ally?

Allyship is about building meaningful connections with others; usually an equity-deserving group, to further the specific needs and interests of that community. An ally helps to support these communities by uplifting their voices and advocating for communities when it is appropriate to do so. Being an ally can be broken down to 4 pillars: Action, Listening, Learning and Yielding/Giving.

Tips for being an ally

Educate Yourself

Put in the work to educate yourself on the issues impacting equity-deserving communities. Seek out books, articles, films, etc. about the history and current issues.


Listen to what equity-deserving people are saying and asking for. t’s not about you, your feelings or opinions; it’s about hearing theirs.

Show Up

Show up for events, rallies, and advocacy work. Be present in physical and/or virtual ways - be there to listen, learn, and show your support.

Embrace Discomfort

Being an ally is going to be uncomfortable for many reasons. It is important to embrace that discomfort as an opportunity for more learning.

Learn From Mistakes

Constant learning means that mistakes will happen and that is okay. It is important to recognize mistakes, apologize, and make changes necessary to grow.

Stay Engaged

Even when life gets busy, stay engaged. Oppression is constant, and equity-deserving people do not have the privilege of “turning off.”

Further Resources

Looking for more information on allyship? Here are some key resources from our resource directory.