Mutual Aid

TransCare+ offers mutual aid support through our community care fund and gender-affirming gear program.

Community Care Fund

Our Community Care Fund is a micro-grant program directed at providing queer and gender diverse folks with assistance in meeting their basic care needs. Keeping with our expansive understanding of care, the community care fund can be accessed for multiple care related needs, including but not limited to transition related care, mental health services, reproductive care, sexual health services, bail or legal funds, spiritual wellness, food, and housing.

Gender Affirming Gear Program

Our Gender Affirming Gear Program provides folks of all sizes and skin tones access to gender affirming apparel and products, such as, binders, trans tape, breast forms, gaffs, packers, etc. Individuals may receive either a gift certificate for a gender affirming gear provider of their choice or a new or gently used apparel or product.

When applications are open priority will be given to poverty class, Black, Indigenous, PGM, disabled, neurodiverse, and fat queer and gender diverse folks.


Invest in 2SLGBTQIA+ futures! All donations go directly towards supporting the health and wellness of 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and communities.