Research & Consultation

TransCare+ is passionate about and committed to community-driven and action-oriented research. We consult, review, and help lead research projects dedicated to community capacity building.

Service Areas

Needs Assessment and Evaluation

We engage community members to assess their needs and resources within and across programs and service systems. Conducting user-designed needs assessments, we identify gaps and help folks figure out what’s working and what’s not. We develop evaluation strategies, design tools for data collection, and communicate impact.

Resource Creation

Working collaboratively with communities and constituents, we create captivating and accessible resources and tools, from reports and policy papers, to public commentaries and digital campaigns.

Research Consultation

From full project management to one time consultants we offer a wide range of research services. We provide an interdisciplinary approach to community-based research and can advise, partner, or lead research activities.

Policy Analysis & Development

Drawing on best practices within your sector and from broad stakeholder perspectives, we ensure that your policies are evidence-based, accountable, comprehensible, and responsive. We can also conduct research that develops, analyzes, and reviews public policy.

Ethics Consultation

Our team of interdisciplinary community researchers can help identify, analyze, and help resolve ethical considerations. Our team is trained in Tri-Council Ethics and The First Nations Principles of OCAP. We offer ethics consultation in the form of review, full ethics development, and one-off questions.


Facilitating small to large conversations, we skillfully facilitate group processes to empower stakeholders in community planning and action. We collaborate with partners on proposal development, strategic planning, and organizational change.