You Are Made of Medicine

You Are Made of Medicine: A Mental Health Peer Support Manual for Indigiqueer, Two-Spirit, LGBTQ+, and Gender Non-Conforming Indigenous Youth was created by the Native Youth Sexual Health Network. This resource discusses tips, strategies, and resources to manage mental health and wellness. It covers the importance of affirming language, the impact of colonialism and trauma on Indigenous youth and communities, and seeking support (including understanding and knowing your triggers, feeling safe, traditional & ceremonial supports, counselling/therapy, knowing your rights, and harm reduction). It also covers strategies for mental health (including self-care, boundaries, making plans, thought patterns, safety planning, thought records, sleep hygiene, herbal supports, and Indigiqueer/LGBTQ+/Two-Spirit mentor circles) and resources (including a variety of mental health topics, toolkits, accessing services through Indigenous Services Canada, friendship centres, apps, social media accounts, and crisis lines).

Credit: Native Youth Sexual Health Network