Who We Are

Creating Communities of Care

As a national non-profit organization that focuses on 2SLGBTQIA+ health, care, and wellness, TransCare+ works with queer and gender-diverse communities, care providers, and researchers to identify, develop, and provide services and resources that meet the needs and desires of queer and gender diverse folks across so-called Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase knowledge about, access to, and engagement with queer and gender diverse care needs and is further directed at increasing the capacity of queer and gender diverse people both in terms of self-governance and access to knowledge.

Our Vision

Our vision is for queer and gender diverse folks to have access to information, support, and care that is gender affirming and culturally focused. We envision a world where care is LIBERATED.

Our Values

Anti-Oppression & Intersectionality

Self-determination & Self-governance

Community Participation & Collaboration

Accountability & Transparency

Accessibility & Inclusion

Advocacy & Action

Self-determination & Self-governance

Advocacy & Action

Our Commitments

In order to best serve and be accountable to our communities, partners, and ourselves, TransCare+ holds the following commitments.

Accountability & Policies

TransCare+ is accountable to creating a space for ongoing feedback and transparency in our actions.

Accountability Policy

Outlining the organization’s commitment to being transparent in all matters related to the organization’s operations, health, and future.

Commitment to Intersectionality

Outlining our commitment to reflect the diversity of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities in our leadership and programming.

Engagement Policy

Outlining our commitment to community outreach and the procedures put in place to ensure we meet the needs of those we serve.

Our Team