Write For Us

TransCare+ aims to center and amplify the voices of queer and gender diverse folks.

We publish any and all works written or produced by queer and gender diverse folks, including but not limited to: personal narratives, creative fiction, poetry, photography, digital media, opinion pieces, advice pieces, and more.

All pieces are generally 700-900 words, although exceptions can be made.

We offer an honorarium for queer and gender diverse writers and artists who publish on our platform.


All Things Care

From self-care routines for holistic well-being and eco-friendly habits to nurture the environment, to guidance on pet ownership, caregiving for the elderly, and fostering emotional well-being within relationships, we welcome all things care.


From pivotal turning points and profound self-discovery journeys, to cultural insights, travel adventures, and tales of joy, triumph, and growth, we welcome all forms of memoir.

Advice Pieces

From nurturing self-care rituals for holistic well-being to fostering meaningful relationships, practicing environmental stewardship, and providing empathetic care for pets, loved ones, and oneself - share your knowledge.